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Cardone Remanufactured Differential 3A-18000LOJ

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A1 Cardone247474
Part # 3A-18000LOJ
SKU # 247474
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Standard Replacement
Cardone A-1 drive axle assemblies are remanufactured units featuring high quality components to increase reliability and exceed customer expectations. These internal components undergo rigorous testing to minimize the risk of noise and improve real world drivability. Each unit is built to withstand the rigors that towing and heavy duty use places on the internal and external components. Cardone A-1 drive axle assemblies are ready for your next drive to the job site, off-road adventure, or daily commute.
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    Housing is powder coated for maximum corrosion protection that further enhances on car performance
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    Every unit is tested for drivability by checking the locking mechanism if applicable and verifying that there is no gear or bearing noise
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    New OE ring and pinion gears are inspected for correct backlash and wear patterns
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    All bearing pre-loads, axle housings, and shafts are inspected using precision measuring equipment
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    Units are remanufactured using OE quality bearings, dust shields, seals, and gaskets
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    Units come pre-filled with oil