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TC Remanufacturing Transmission Control Solenoid 76922

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TC Remanufacturing Torque Converters966217
Part # 76922
SKU # 966217
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Part #76922
SKU #966217
DACCO offers the largest selection of transmission solenoids for the domestic and import passenger cars and light duty trucks. Dacco has serviced the automatic transmission industry for over 40 years with an experienced, skilled and dedicated workforce.
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    Transmission Solenoids are used to control the flow, volume and pressure of transmission fluid.
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    The flow and pressure changes control almost all functions of the transmission from shifts to torque converter lock-up.
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    Transmission Solenoids also play a vital role in the drivability, fuel mileage, and durability of today's vehicles
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    As the OE manufacturers have moved from mechanical controls to electronic, solenoids have become a major component in transmissions.