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Duralast Seal 225220

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Part # 225220
SKU # 12426
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Part #225220
SKU #12426
High-quality, easy-to-install Duralast Seals meet or exceed original equipment specifications with high quality materials and application-specific designs. The complex rubber blend is made to resist extreme temperatures with good elastic recovery, high abrasion resistance, and has a broad fluid compatibility.
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    Duralast Seals are designed to meet or exceed the original OEM specification to provide longer sealing life
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    Duralast Seals are constructed to provide superior protection from water, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the seal while preventing the application fluid from leaking out
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    Duralast Seals are made from the highest quality steel and rubber materials to ensure maximum performance under the most extreme conditions in every demanding application
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    Duralast Seals are designed to match the OEM configuration to ensure superior quality and ease of installation
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    Sealing materials are specifically engineered for the application fluid type and temperature range