For OE Performance

Duralast parts are manufactured to meet or exceed OE quality, durability, and performance. Whatever make of car you're driving, Duralast parts keep your car driving tough.

Parts That Fit

Your Every Need

Duralast's full range of auto parts makes it easy to get the right part at the right time. Whether you're changing your oil or rebuilding your engine - Duralast gets the job done right.

Power In Every Part

Duralast offers a wide range of automotive parts to fulfill a broad range of needs. Duralast parts are manufactured to meet or exceed Original Equipment performance - so you can rest assured that you're driving with the best.

AutoZone's vast network of over 5,000 stores is sure to have the Duralast parts you need in stock. So stop by and toughen up one part at a time.


  1. Duralast clutches are built to meet or exceed OE performance
  2. Every detail is built for smooth shifting and long life you can rely on

Water Pumps

  1. Duralast water pumps feature all new, OE-quality components
  2. Ensure proper fit and long-life performance
  3. Each new unit is 100% factory tested


  1. Duralast belts meet OEM requirements
  2. Constructed with heat resistant EPDM rubber with fiber added to the rib stock to reinforce the rubber and reduce noise

Chassis Parts

  1. Duralast chassis parts are engineered to meet or exceed OE performance
  2. Numerous advanced features for a smooth ride and long life

Switches & Sensors

  1. Designed for OE fit, form, and function
  2. Duralast switches and sensors are manufactured for superior performance and durability

Ignition Parts

  1. Duralast ignition parts are designed to meet or exceed OE performance
  2. Components are built with high standards using the latest technologies for long-lasting service

Hub Bearings

  1. Duralast hub bearings deliver the smooth and quiet performance that your vehicle demands
  2. They are designed for OE fit, form, and function

Power Steering

  1. Duralast power steering parts are made from premium quality components
  2. Meet or exceed OE performance levels


  1. Duralast offers a full line of high-quality wipers
  2. Whatever car you're driving or however severe the conditions - Duralast has the wiper you need

Knowledge Is Power

Duralast Nation

We support mechanics and DIYers of all levels who want to get the job done right. Since 1979, we've been supplying professional grade parts to tackle even the toughest jobs.

Whether you're changing your oil for the first time, replacing your brakes, or rebuilding an engine - Duralast has the proven tough parts you need.

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  • Roadside breakdowns can often be avoided with the correct proactive preventative care.
  • There are lots of reasons to become a DIYer - it's easier than you think to learn the basics.
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