Antenna Cable

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    1-13 of 13 Results

    About Antenna Cable

    Connect a Aftermarket Radio

    An antenna cable makes it possible to connect an aftermarket stereo to an OEM antenna. Choose from a range of cable lengths and connectors for aftermarket or universal radios and FM modulators. AutoZone carries the best antenna cables for cars and trucks, including Metra antenna cables for many vehicle years, makes and models. Whether you use the factory radio system and antenna or aftermarket components, antenna cables make it possible to tune into radio stations on the stereo in your car or truck.

    Extensions and Additional Connectors

    It is simple to find out whether cables made for your vehicle year, make and model are available at the closest AutoZone location. Search for antenna cables near me to see the options that are in stock and narrow down the available parts to cables that fit your vehicle by entering its specifications into our search tool. Depending on the make and year of your car or truck, the antenna cable you need may be currently available for in store pickup.

    If the cable or adapter you need is not in stock, we offer fast shipping on a large selection of antenna components. Some cables may be eligible for next day delivery. Make sure that you review any notes on the antenna you are considering and make sure that this part fits your vehicle. You can also consult a customer service agent online or in store.

    In addition to standard antenna cables that are designed for connecting an aftermarket or universal radio to factory antenna, we also carry a cable made for connecting FM modulator to an OEM antenna. When searching and browsing in our online store, you can enter the specifications of your car or truck to limit your results to cables that fit your vehicle.

    Using a Factory Antenna

    Antenna cables that are paired with adapters can make it possible to connect an aftermarket stereo system to the OEM antenna of your vehicle. In order to connect these components, Metra cables designed for this application come with ANTENNAWorks adapters that are designed to fit the factory harness. If you have decided to adjust the position of the antenna on your vehicle, rewire the connection or use an aftermarket antenna kit, we also carry antenna extension cables.

    Save On Antenna Parts

    Many drivers decide to customize or upgrade the stereo systems in their vehicles. We stock a variety of antenna components for any configuration, including OEM-style, vehicle-specific replacement antennas and aftermarket antenna units. Search or browse our selection of related components, such as adapters, amplifiers, extension cables, mounts and replacement masts. No matter which parts you need, rest assured that you are getting the lowest prices on antenna cables when you shop in store or online at AutoZone.