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    1-24 of 225 Results

    About Fuse and Accessories

    Replace Fuse and Accessories for a Smoothly Running Vehicle

    When you open the hood of your car, you're greeted with the engine, cooling system, and all of the other parts that make your car work. Look closer, and you'll see that all of these systems are connected by countless wires that carry the power and information they need to function. The wires and electrical system of your car are protected by your vehicle's fuses. Fuses are typically color-coded to identify the electrical system they correspond to, and they work to prevent a circuit from overloading or shorting out. When either of these things happens, the element within a fuse will melt and it will no longer function. Luckily, there are fuse and accessories near me to help you solve the problem.

    Three Distinct Forms

    Fuses typically come in three different forms. The first, a rectangular blade, is the most common type. It features a color-coded plastic casing and two connector prongs to push into a fuse wire. Less commonly, you might find the clear glass fuse. This type of fuse contains its wire within a glass casing, and in the event of overload or shorting out, the wire breaks. Lastly, a continental fuse is the rarest of all and is usually only found in older vehicles. It features a metal strip on one side that melts if it is overloaded. Regardless of which type of fuse your car uses, finding the best fuse and accessories for cars and trucks makes repairs and replacement easy.

    Blown Fuse Replacement

    Replacing a blown fuse is simple. If your car features the most common type, a rectangular blade, it is contained in your car's power distribution center. This might be featured under the hood or in the cab of your car, but once you find it, you will see an array of color-coded fuses powering the electrical systems. In order to replace the fuse in question, you must first make sure that your car is turned off, so double-check before you attempt to begin any work. Then you can remove the faulty fuse with a pair of needlenose pliers and install the replacement by simply pushing it in.

    Necessary Fuse Accessories

    Replacing fuses often requires more than just the fuse itself, though. You need to right accessories for the job, too, and AutoZone has both. Fuse taps, for example, allow you to split power or install a new socket. Illuminating fuses make it easy to see the work you do and identify the correct part. Find the right parts to get the job done with DIY know-how. No matter what kind of fuse or accessory you're looking for, AutoZone has the lowest prices on fuse and accessories and the most reliable advice of any auto parts retailer. Let us help you solve your car fuse problems and get back on the road.