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Metra Stereo Wiring Harness NIWH1
  • Part # NIWH1
  • SKU # 207615
Application: S model
Notes: TURBOWire. Plugs Into Car Harness At Radio. For Power/4-Speaker
Metra Stereo Wiring Harness TYWH1
  • Part # TYWH1
  • SKU # 207617
Application: DLX, FX16 GTS, FX16 or LE model
Notes: TURBOWire. Plugs Into Car Harness At Radio. For Power/4-Speaker
Metra Stereo Wiring Harness GMOS-LAN-01
  • Part # GMOS-LAN-01
  • SKU # 246799
Notes: Radio Module Interface. GMOS -LAN. Replaces OEM radio With aftermarket unit in amplified applications. Retains on star/warning chimes.
Metra Stereo Wiring Harness 70-8112
  • Part # 70-8112
  • SKU # 352048
Notes: TURBOWire wire harness. Plugs into car harness at radio; For power/4-channel; Integrates aftermarket radio with factory amplifier/15 Pin harness.
Metra Stereo Wiring Harness 71-5520-1
  • Part # 71-5520-1
  • SKU # 616681
Application: SE or Limited model
Notes: OEM radio harness. Plugs into OEM radio; 7" Long; Includes: 24-Way plug for power and speaker, 8-Way plug for premium sound and 16-Way plug for charger and auxiliary


Stereo Wiring Harness

Enjoy the Music
No matter where you drive, music is the essential soundtrack that keeps you going. Whether you're installing a new sound system or repairing your existing equipment, AutoZone has the gear you need to get the job done. We stock the best stereo wiring harnesses for cars and trucks, available at budget-friendly prices that leave some green in your wallet.

Reliable Sound Quality

Your car, truck or SUV is not just a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. It's your chariot, your companion and perhaps even an extension of yourself. Substance matters, but so does style. That's why you're keen on replacing the factory stereo system that came in your ride with a bigger and better version. Or maybe the music's died and you want to bring the life back into your daily drive. Perhaps you're restoring a vehicle and the audio system's the final piece of the puzzle. Regardless of the reasons, swapping out the audio system is a major project. You need dependable components that deliver reliable performance and exceptional sound quality.

Easy Installation

At AutoZone, we understand drivers like you. Your search for “stereo wiring harnesses near me” brought you to our website. Shopping our selection of stereo wiring accessories is a smart move, since we stock the highest quality harnesses from top brands like Metra. Called the “installer's choice” for aftermarket car audio accessories, Metra specializes in cutting-edge products that meet or exceed OEM specs and technology. The result is beautifully clear and crisp sound, dependable performance and quick, easy installation. Even better, you can find what you need fast with powerful search features and drop-down menus that let you narrow results by your vehicle's make, model and year. That's just one way in which AutoZone removes the guesswork from shopping and ensures that you get the right components every time. We also get them right to your door, with convenient overnight and two-day shipping options available.

Gear at the Right Price

Of course, these are just a few of the awesome perks you get by shopping AutoZone. You also enjoy the lowest prices on stereo wiring harnesses along with millions of other components, accessories, tools and more. With our AutoZoner Rewards program, you save more money by earning future discounts with each purchase. Get even more convenience through our Loan-A-Tool service, which allows you to choose essential gear for your project for a small deposit and then return it within 90 days for a full refund. Need more help? Check out our online video library, repair help resources and troubleshooting guides. Don't forget that our AutoZoners are also available at your local stores and online, ready to provide expert recommendations and make sense of your next project. Simply stop by your nearest location or shop online to get these benefits and more.