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Fixed my 2014 Ford Focus Recall, easily by myself.


in a month

Had a recall service notice for my wife's 2014 Ford Focus. A sticking Cannister Purge Valve can cause an excessive vacuum to be created in the gas tank, leading to engine idle problems, engine power problems, erroneous fuel tank gauge readings (as well as Miles to Empty estimates), engine stalling problems, engine starting problems, and if left unchecked, potentially deforming the plastic gas tank! From what I understand, Ford service centers will update the computer software to better detect a sticking valve, and send an engine light warning code earlier if there's problems. They will also replace the valve if it's malfunctioning, and replace the gas tank if it's deformed. I would've let Ford fix the issue myself, but I've heard horror stories about Ford doing recall work, messing with computer programming, and generally making things worse than they were to begin with. My own father has a newer F-150 that he took in for a service recall (computer & shifting problems, look up "lead frame"). Before the service work, the truck drove and shifted great with only a tiny issue occasionally. After the service work, it shifts super harshly and Ford won't do anything about it. The car drove great, so I really didn't want them touching it. This part just needs replaced every 50,000 miles or so. And it was super easy to replace! Took all of 10-20 minutes with basic hand tools. And, no more issues afterwards. And I can still have Ford do the service work down the road if needed.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2014 Ford Focus

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2015 Ford Focus ST Canister Purge Valve


in 2 months

Check engine light came on for canister purge valve, purchased this and installed it myself. Pretty easy and straight forward, the hardest part was getting the old one off as the clamps on each end didn't want to pull off. I had to do some heavy prying. After I installed the new CPV with ease the check engine light went off at about 100 miles driven

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2015 ford focus st

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Worked perfectly


in 3 months

This part was very easy to replace and relieved my check engine light immediately after install. The tabs at the connection are a little difficult to remove but it’s not too bad.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2014 Ford Focus ST