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    1-24 of 214 Results

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    The roar of your engine should be a pleasing sound, not a clogged or sputtering noise. Unfortunately, if your exhaust is spewing toxic pollutants into the environment, the latter may be the case. Your catalytic converter is responsible for turning those hazardous toxins into harmless gases, and if it breaks you could potentially fail emissions testing or experience engine damage. AutoZone's high-quality, replacement catalytic converters keep your emissions in check and ensure your entire exhaust system is running smoothly.

    Replacing a faulty catalytic converter, before your ride starts pumping out pollutants, helps both your vehicle and the environment. Whether it's clogged with fuel additives or overheating from bad exhaust valves, a malfunctioning cat can cause all kinds of problems. One of the most common issues is a decline in fuel economy, which is just as bad for your ride as it is your pocketbook. Another problem that can arise is a misfire within your engine, causing the catalyst to overheat - resulting in severe engine damage. Ultimately, faulty converters can damage your entire exhaust system and emit illegal amounts of hazardous emissions into the environment. Make sure your exhaust system runs clean and clear with a new catalytic converter from AutoZone.

    Find the best catalytic converter for your vehicle at AutoZone. We carry everything from a catalytic converter for Camry sedans to a Ford Mustang catalytic converter. Stop by your local store and ask our staff about replacing your catalytic converter or order online.