Buick Park Avenue Catalytic Converter

Your Buick Park Avenue is known for its quiet, smooth ride and spacious, comfy interior. It also delivers in engine performance and fuel economy. When it feels like no fuel is reaching the engine when you accelerate and your gas mileage decreases, you need a new Buick Park Avenue catalytic converter from AutoZone.

Park Avenue catalytic converters make the pollutants in exhaust gas less toxic through a redox reaction. When exhaust becomes trapped in front of the converter, it creates backpressure that causes your engine to stall and your car to jerk. A high-performance catalytic converter for Buick Park Avenue from AutoZone eliminates these issues. Order now and get it today with Same Day Store Pickup. Remember to check out our Loan-a-Tool Program for any equipment you need to install the new converter.

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1-24 of 39 Results