Chevrolet Cruze Catalytic Converter

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    1-21 of 21 Results

    About Chevrolet Cruze Catalytic Converter

    A Healthy Exhaust System Starts Here
    Your Chevy Cruze gets great mileage, which does a lot not only for your wallet but also for the environment. One important component of your vehicle that aids in helping the environment is the catalytic converter, which converts the more harmful gases into safer gases using a catalyst. This auto part has been used in vehicles since 1975, and the best catalytic converters for Chevy Cruze last up to 10 years. However, when you start to hear sputtering or notice a sulfur-like smell coming from your exhaust, it may be time to replace it.

    Keeping Your System Warning Light-Free
    Although they last for a long time, the catalytic converter is the third-most common reason the Check Engine light comes on. This is but an early sign if there have been no other issues so far. Converters fail early if they overheat. There are many reasons why overheating occurs, including the failure of other parts on your Cruze. Failing fuel injectors, check valves, floats, oxygen sensors, and spark plugs, along with faulty timing and improperly mixed fuel, all contribute to catalytic converter problems. It is important to address the issue quickly to prevent additional damage to the exhaust system.

    One of the first signs that you need a catalytic converter replacement for Chevy Cruze is poor fuel economy, which is more noticeable in a fuel-efficient vehicle. Other symptoms of a problematic converter include slow acceleration, trouble starting, and failure to start. AutoZone's Fix Finder service deciphers the Check Engine light code to pinpoint where the issue is.

    Finding the Right Options
    We carry a wide selection of automotive catalytic converters suitable for any vehicle. If your converter failing is due to other parts on your vehicle going bad, we also carry the other parts required to get your Cruze on the road again. Whether you plan to swap out the converter yourself or take the part to a professional mechanic, AutoZone saves you money on parts.

    Through our free Loan-A-Tool program, you also have access to the right tools to do the job yourself. A catalytic converter replacement may involve removing a few bolts and the O2 sensor to reach the component. Although it is a straightforward fix, it may take an hour or longer to complete. Consult your owner's manual before attempting to fix the issue yourself and talk to our technicians to get answers to your questions.

    Providing the Right Help
    Your Chevy Cruze saves you money on mileage, and AutoZone is just as dedicated to saving you money on the high-quality auto parts. Take advantage of our Fix Finder and Loan-A-Tool services to quickly identify a problematic, then find the right catalytic converters for your Chevy Cruze at the lowest prices around in-store or online.