Dodge Ram 1500 Catalytic Converter

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1-24 of 143 Results

1-24 of 143 Results

Dodge Ram 1500 Catalytic Converter

Your full-size Dodge RAM truck is a heavy-duty, hardworking machine that lets you breathe easier when it's time to get the work done. With an affordable, high-quality replacement catalytic converter for Dodge RAM from AutoZone, you'll always breathe easy.

By converting toxic pollutants in exhaust gases to less toxic pollutants, your Dodge RAM catalytic converter keeps the air cleaner and safer. A decline in fuel economy or poor exhaust system performance means your catalytic converter needs to be inspected. Two causes of catalytic converter problems are heat produced by engine misfiring and backpressures that trap exhaust in front of the catalyst. Bad RAM catalytic converters lead to raised carbon emission levels and a ruined exhaust system. With convenient Loan-a-Tool Program, AutoZone makes replacing your catalytic converter a breath of fresh air.

Every Part Serves a Function
The catalytic converter on your Dodge Ram serves a pretty important function. This crucial piece takes the harmful toxins produced by your vehicle and changes them into less-problematic compounds like carbon dioxide. If your converter isn't working properly, your car releases these dangerous gasses into the air. Since you want to avoid being a rolling cloud of smog while cruising down the highway, head to AutoZone to find the best catalytic converters for Dodge Ram 1500.

Signs of a Failing Part
Unless you know what to focus on, you might not be able to spot a faulty converter. Many motorists aren't aware of the status of this piece until they go to the DMV for an emissions test and discover the vehicle has failed. In extreme cases, a car with a seriously damaged converter might emit smoke of various colors from the exhaust. Since most cases aren't extreme, you need to look at your fuel gauge to give you answers. If you notice your Dodge isn't performing as well with fuel efficiency, then it might be due to a struggling converter.

Depending on the exact status of the converter, you might also experience difficulty accelerating your car. A lagging engine can be the sign of a failing converter, as can difficulty starting the car. Once you notice these signs, it is time to take action. AutoZone has you covered when this happens. Our extensive selection makes it easy for you to find the right catalytic converters for your Dodge Ram 1500. Waiting too long to find your replacement can put more strain on your vehicle and can cause your engine to die prematurely.

Maintenance and Precautions
Maintenance with a converter usually comes down to a few simple steps. Cleaning the converter from time to time will help it perform at its best for longer. Be sure to research exactly how to clean your model's converter, as many motorists assume it needs to be removed to be cleaned. Most converters can be cleaned without removal by way of specific solvents. While cleaning can help in the long run, time eventually catches up. On average, catalytic converters for cars and trucks should be replaced once every decade or every 100,000 miles.

Unfortunately, theft can also be a problem for motorists. Due to the durable and precious metals these pieces are made from, catalytic converters have been the target of thieves for decades. While this is more common with SUVs and trucks, any vehicle can fall prey so it is always wise to stay vigilant when parking.

Discover the Right Replacement
Whether you need to replace your converter because of theft or damage, AutoZone has what you need to discover the best catalytic converter replacement for Dodge Ram 1500. If you need help locating a specific part or have any questions, our AutoZoners are happy to guide you.