Ford Escape Catalytic Converter

There's no better way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city than your Escape. Enjoy the serenity of nature with a clear conscience when you replace your Ford Escape catalytic converter. This component reduces the toxicity of engine pollutants through a redox reaction.

Built for both the city and the country, your Escape is an ideal crossover SUV. Make sure you always get the best from your vehicle with a new catalytic converter for Ford Escape. Replacing this part ensures that it's not contaminated by motor oil, antifreeze or other substances. Contamination leads to higher emissions levels, potentially to the point of illegality. Talk to the helpful staff members at AutoZone to learn more, and be sure task about our Loan-a-Tool Program if you like to do your own auto work.

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    1-24 of 81 Results



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    OEM Fit


    in 5 months

    Perfect OEM fit. New downstream O2 sensor and this CAT, check engine light went off and all monitors readied.

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