Honda Accord Catalytic Converter

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1-24 of 160 Results

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Honda Accord Catalytic Converter

Light and comfortable, your Honda Accord is a reliable model of efficiency. Keep it that way with a new Honda Accord catalytic converter whenever yours stops working. Malfunctioning converters lower your fuel efficiency while allowing your vehicle to create harsh emissions, and replacing them keeps you in line with local emissions control laws.

There are a variety of reasons why Accord catalytic converters give out, and not all of them are easy to predict. They can become clogged by pollutants in the emissions - like particulates from burned antifreeze and other engine fluids - but they can also wear out from regular use. When you need a new converter, it's a good idea to follow up with a basic vehicle inspection, and with Same Day Store Pickup, you can easily order what you need.

Maintain Your Efficiency
Hondas are known as some of the most fuel efficient, reliable vehicles out there, and for good reason. The lightweight builds paired with the perfect engine and ideal amount of space make this a hard ride to beat. However, that clean-burning efficiency will go right down the tubes if you don't take care of crucial parts like your catalytic converter. Fortunately, if you've been experiencing higher levels of pollutants leaving your exhaust pipe and need a good, reliable, high-end replacement before your emissions test comes up, AutoZone has the best catalytic converters for Honda Accord and will get them to you at the best possible price.

A Catalyst for Cleaner-Burning Cars
While you're on the move, your engine burns fuel in order to give you the forward direction you need to get to your next destination. This produces a number of harmful gasses as a result, the most common of which include hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. These exit the exhaust pipe and float up into the atmosphere, where they can have a number of negative environmental effects ' or they would, if not for the work of your catalytic converter. This crucial part contains a core of palladium and platinum, coated in ceramic (to help handle the heat that inevitably comes with the job) and formed into either a beaded or honeycomb design that helps to better collect the gases. When the gas enters into the converter, they undergo a transition from harmful gas to carbon dioxide, nitrogen ,oxygen and water ' much less harmful byproducts.

Is it OK to Drive With a Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter?
If you have a busy schedule, sometimes it just seems like too much work to even pick up a catalytic converter replacement for Honda Accord, much less stop long enough to install it. So can you just drive without one? Your car's catalytic converter isn't necessarily involved with its base operations. Rather, it's responsible for dealing with the aftermath of a running engine and reducing the amount of pollutants the average gasoline engine produces. If your catalytic converter is broken, you can still driver your car indefinitely. However, over time the part is likely to scorch, and you'll experience a bit of smoke and odor while you're driving. Furthermore, in many states and countries, it's illegal to drive without a functioning catalytic converter, and you'll be unable to pass emissions tests required to keep your ride registered and street legal. Therefore, just because you can drive with a malfunctioning converter doesn't mean you should. Fortunately, you never have to. At AutoZone we offer cheap prices on catalytic converters so you can get this part and stay street legal on any budget.

Get Your Replacement Part ASAP
We know that AutoZone customers have busy lives and schedules that are jam-packed with adventure, work and everything in-between. That's why we make the shopping process as quick and easy as possible. Our expert employees can help you find the right catalytic converters for your Honda Accord to remove the guesswork from the process, and our Same Day Store Pickup makes online orders a breeze. Get your replacement converter and restore your Honda's clean-burning capabilities.