Honda Civic Catalytic Converter

Your Honda Civic is in a class of its own when it comes to efficiency in both design and performance. When you notice your fuel efficiency dipping and your emissions are noticeably harsher, it's time to replace the Honda Civic catalytic converter so you keep getting the performance you expect from your vehicle.

Civic catalytic converters are designed to break down harmful compounds in your exhaust, converting them into neutral gases that can be more safely emitted without lowering local air quality. Pollutants in your exhaust clog the catalyst, though, and over time, regular deposits also build up. With Same Day Store Pickup, you get your converter when you need it, and you can also get that last tool you might need for the job with our Loan-a-Tool Program so that you leave the store ready to work.

Honda Civics are among some of the best vehicles when it comes to fuel efficiency, quality-build, coupled with a long-life expectancy. Eventually though, some parts need to be replaced, whether due to faulty manufacturing, rusting, or general wear-and-tear. It's important to find the right catalytic converters for your Honda Civic, to keep it running smoothly, cleanly, and reliably.

Keep in mind that the catalytic converter, or cat for short, is theoretically designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle, so if your Civic is not incredibly old, it's always good to check and see if there is something else going on in your car that caused the damage. There are many reasons your cat might be going bad. The most common reasons include rust on the outside of the part, rich fuel mixture, wear and tear, or exhaust contamination from a worn engine. Your Civic should display a check engine light if a problem comes up with your cat, and on an older vehicle, you might fail an emissions check. Due to the EPA requirement for vehicles to have certain level of reduced exhaust pollutants, it is necessary for your cat to be functioning properly to legally drive the car. Some of the best catalytic converters for Honda Civic can be found at AutoZone.

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    1-24 of 134 Results

    About Honda Civic Catalytic Converter

    AutoZone carries many top catalytic converter brands, and a wide variety to suit your needs and preferences. While it might be desirable to purchase an original OEM Honda branded product, some of the best prices on catalytic converters can be found on the website, which are made to fit into any vehicle. These products not only provide you with extensive financial savings, the cats themselves have been tested and can work as well in your Honda for many years to come. In fact, each catalytic converter that is sold in the US must meet the same quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an original OEM part. You should check with your local or state emission standards however to ensure the part you're getting isn't required to have additional certifications. For example, in California, OEM parts are also required to obtain CARB certification. There are a wide variety of aftermarket cats that come in many shapes and sizes to fit your Civic. Most cars built after 1990 will have a cat that was bolted into place instead of welded, making replacement much easier.

    While there are many choices when it comes to catalytic converter replacement for Honda Civic, the brands carried by AutoZone are among the top runners. Choosing one of these, you can rest assured that your car will pass emissions tests and continue running with excellent fuel efficiency and the performance you expect.