Kia Sorento Catalytic Converter

With an impressive powertrain, about-town comfort and great off-road capability, your Kia Sorento is an all-around champ, but no one wins when the catalytic converter is on the fritz. Make sure your SUV's tailpipe emissions make the grade by installing a new Kia Sorento catalytic converter from AutoZone.

A damaged converter can't do its job and results in excess pollution, jerky accelerations and engine stalls. Our catalytic converter for Kia Sorento restores your car's clean performance, and you get more power and cleaner emissions. There's no need to risk a failed tailpipe check or decreased fuel economy when AutoZone offers premium Sorento catalytic converters at affordable prices. Our staff is committed to providing high-quality service, the right products and outstanding prices. We make your purchase easy with Same Day Store Pickup when you order online.

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1-24 of 55 Results

1-24 of 55 Results