Kia Spectra Catalytic Converter

Practical and comfortable, your Kia Spectra offers solid performance in an economic package, but no one can afford a car that suffers from excess emissions because of a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Clean up your car's tailpipe exhaust by installing a new Kia Spectra catalytic converter from AutoZone.

A catalytic converter can't do its job if it's damaged from ignition misfires or antifreeze contamination. Our reliable Spectra catalytic converters remove harmful pollutants and get your car back to optimal performance. Don't compromise on engine power or emissions control. Install a long-lasting, high-quality catalytic converter for Kia Spectra and be sure your car runs clean. AutoZone makes it easy to get the right products for your car, and our prices are second to none. Visit your neighborhood AutoZone and don't forget to take advantage of free battery charging, engine diagnostic testing and our great Loan-a-Tool Program.

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1-24 of 43 Results

1-24 of 43 Results