Nissan/Datsun Sentra Catalytic Converter

With a fuel economy averaging about 34 mile per gallon, your Nissan Sentra sedan is good choice in environmentally-friendly vehicles. It's easy to make sure your car stays a friend of the environment with new Sentra catalytic converters from AutoZone.

The catalytic converter for Nissan Sentra protects the environment by reducing the toxic pollutants in exhaust gases. When catalytic converters are impaired, it affects both fuel economy and exhaust system performance. Damage is caused by, among other things, heat produced by engine misfires and backpressures that trap exhaust in front of the catalyst. The good news is that a new Nissan Sentra catalytic converter from AutoZone comes with Same Day Store Pickup, making replacement both affordable and convenient.

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1-24 of 104 Results

1-24 of 104 Results