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1-24 of 210 Results


      Exhaust Clamp

      Exhaust Clamps Hold Your Exhaust Together

      Your vehicle's exhaust system is crucial to the clean, safe operation while you're on the road, and therefore so are your exhaust clamps. These clamps are responsible holding the exhaust system together in crucial places, and may, over time, need to be replaced in order to ensure the entire system is working properly and remains leak-free. Get the lowest prices on exhaust clamps at AutoZone to ensure your muffler and other crucial parts of this system are able to handle the challenges of the road ahead and replace any damaged clamps before conditions become dangerous.

      Replace Worn Out Clamps

      Along with heavy welding, exhaust clamps are the chief component tasked with holding your entire exhaust system together. This is the case with nearly every vehicle, stretching from cars built in the 1940s to the most modern releases on the market, which is convenient for those learning how to repair an exhaust system. Most often, clamps will be found on modified exhaust systems, such as those with enhancements in the form of new headers or performance mufflers. Over the years, though, they can crack and wear out, which leads to exhaust leaks that, if left untreated for too long, can cause a serious hazard. Unfortunately, clamps can't be repaired, only replaced. Some signs that a clamp is broken or failing include excessive noise from your exhaust system while your vehicle's in motion, failure to pass emissions testing and engine misfiring or backfires. Any of these issues indicate problems with your exhaust system and you should give your clamps a thorough once-over if you've been encountering them.

      Exhaust Clamp Options

      There are two main types of clamps to choose from. The first is a spherical clamp, which provides a more flexible hold overall. The second is a semi-circular clamp that fastens onto a lower bar with the use of two screws. In general, unless you've been noting some severe performance issues, it's best to use the same type of clamp as the one you're replacing. This way, you can rest assured the fit will be proper and that you'll be getting the hold you need while you charge ahead between destinations. You can also refer to your car or truck's owner's manual, which should contain information on all the OEM parts you'll need for this type of maintenance stop. You'll also need to verify that you have the right circumference before making your purchase from our selection of best exhaust clamps for cars and trucks.

      Lower Cost Replacements

      If you need help making your selection, search “exhaust clamps near me” and get directions to your nearest AutoZone store. The employees there can take a look at your manual with you and ensure you're buying the right part for your car or truck. Furthermore, if your part's not already in stock, you can take advantage of free in-store pickup when you order your parts and tools online, so you get exactly what you need for repairs as quickly and cheaply as possible.