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1-24 of 275 Results


      Exhaust Hanger / Insulator

      Failing Exhaust Hanger

      The best exhaust system hangers for cars and trucks keep the muffler and other exhaust system pieces attached to the underside of your vehicle. When the hangers start failing, the exhaust system often becomes louder and hangs lower than normal. Another side effect is poor engine performance. When the exhaust system doesn't have the proper support, it rattles and vibrates causing hissing noises or excessively loud sounds especially during acceleration and cold temperatures. Fuel efficiency can suffer when the exhaust system fails or breaks due to improper support. Exhaust leaks caused by broken or cracked exhaust pipes can negatively affect the vehicle's performance causing a decrease in acceleration and power. Repairing the system ensures you get where you need to go.

      Secure Support Mounts

      Your local AutoZone store pops up in a search for exhaust system hangers near me. A key purpose of your exhaust system hangers is to keep the vibrations and noise away from the cabin of the vehicle. Failure to replace the supportive mounts can cause cracks in the system itself. When left alone, those cracks can lead to exhaust leaks requiring further replacement parts and even lead to a failed inspection. The support mounts also keep the exhaust system tucked beneath the vehicle. When they fail, the system hangs visibly lower and can even bump items along the road including curbs. Objects then have access to damage the system. The rubber mounts are a critical component of a properly running exhaust system. A check engine light may pop up if there is a problem with your exhaust system. A code reader attached to the electronic system can help you determine the cause of the check engine light. If it is the exhaust system, check the mounts first as they are an easy, often inexpensive part to replace.

      Quality Auto Parts

      The lowest prices on exhaust system hangers are available at AutoZone. There are a variety of exhaust system hangers to choose from. Ask a knowledgeable staff member if you are unsure which one is the right one for your make and model. The small pieces are generally inexpensive items that can prevent large, expensive problems in the future. If you do notice the exhaust pipes are damaged as well, AutoZone carries the exhaust system parts you need to repair a leaking exhaust system whether it's support mounts or a new muffler. In order to repair the exhaust system, you also need wheel chocks, jack stands and jacks. A creeper can you're your back from the hard concrete of your driveway or the asphalt of the road. Eliminate the smell of leaking exhaust and enjoy greater engine performance with a securely mounted exhaust system. A cleaner, more efficient vehicle has the power you need to show off to your friends, commute to work and enjoy a nice, well-deserved vacation on the road.