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Exhaust Heat Shield

Shield Your Vehicle From Excessive Heat
The best exhaust heat shields for cars and trucks protect your vehicle components and surrounding landscape from excessive heat coming off your exhaust system. Shields can be on the bottom or top or both depending on your vehicle. Over time the shield can fall off or break. The thin metal is exposed to the elements and high heat for long periods of time causing them to wear out. If you back into something, the shield can rip off or break altogether. Replacing them is important for your auto insurance and the event of an accident. Lawyers advise replacement of the metal to prevent a potential lawsuit in the event the excessive heat causes damage to someone's property or causes a fire. The heat shields are located in a variety of locations throughout the vehicle protecting various parts such as the radiator.

Dangers of a Missing Heat Shield
A search for exhaust heat shields near me leads you to a local AutoZone parts store. There you can find the protective heat shields for your vehicle. Choose between a variety of manufacturer's and designs to suit your taste and the exhaust system. A missing heat shield can damage other parts of your vehicle such as drying out the shifter bushings. Signs the heat shield in your engine is failing include scraping noises, burning smells, melted parts beneath the hood and a very hot hood. The hardware can become loose over time producing a vibrating or rattling noise. Additionally, not replacing a missing or broken heat shield can cause the interior of your vehicle to heat up making driving in the warmer months uncomfortable. The insulative plates can rust, rattle and break off causing the exhaust to potentially damage flammable items. The high heat coming off your vehicle without that shield can cause those items to catch fire causing potentially more damage. A turbo system without a proper heat shield can cause more damage if left unprotected by a heat shield.

Knowledgeable Staff for Better Shopping
AutoZone has the lowest prices on exhaust heat shields with the knowledgeable staff to get you back on the road faster. The staff can help you find the exact one for your make and model. One that fits installs faster and easier. Choose between fiberglass, metal and carbon composite materials. While shopping for a replacement heat shield, check the floorboards for damage from the heat. At AutoZone, you can find the parts and tools to replace the heat shield and floorboards without having to make a second stop. The store offers loaner tools to help you maintain your car and save you money. Additionally, the staff can help you troubleshoot other problems associated with your vehicle and save you money on parts and service. Join the rewards membership program to save additional money on items you need anyway.