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1-4 of 4 Results


      Dodge Caliber Exhaust Manifold

      If you're out running errands in your Caliber one day and notice warm air blowing into your cabin, you may have an exhaust manifold leak. This is a potentially dangerous car defect, and you need to have your Dodge Caliber exhaust manifold inspected ' or replaced ' right away. If it turns out you need a replacement, invest in a brand-new Dodge Caliber exhaust manifold from AutoZone today.

      Your exhaust manifold funnels hot, toxic gases away from the cylinder heads and into the catalytic converter, where they are detoxified. Caliber exhaust manifolds eventually crack or warp due to the normal heat cycles this part endures. If the exhaust manifold becomes cracked, poisonous gases are able to leak into the passenger cabin. If it's time to replace your exhaust manifold, trust AutoZone to provide you with the parts, tools, and advice you need to do the job right.