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Get an exact fit for your Ford F150

1-24 of 58 Results

1-24 of 58 Results


      Ford F150 Exhaust Manifold

      With all the payloads your F150 hauls day in and out, there's no time to deal with underperformance or a cracked manifold. Ensure the best performance for your truck by installing a high-quality Ford F150 exhaust manifold from AutoZone.

      Factory F150 exhaust manifolds are restrictive, but installing one of ours allows your engine to breathe better, which also means enhanced performance. AutoZone's exhaust manifold for Ford F150 is longer-lasting and less likely to crack the way some factory manifolds do. Install it yourself or take it to your mechanic and save money on parts. We offer Free Shipping with Next Day Delivery, but you can elect to get your manifold today by choosing Same Day Store Pickup. Our auto-savvy staff is also available to answer questions and offer advice.