Jeep Comanche Exhaust Manifold

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1-4 of 4 Results
ATP Exhaust Manifold 101212 for Jeep Comanche
  • Part # 101212
  • SKU # 377033

Jeep Comanche Exhaust Manifold

Your Jeep Comanche is tough and engineered to take on any environment. When your exhaust manifold springs a leak, refreshing your system with a new Jeep Comanche exhaust manifold ensures you get the power and performance you expect ' and the efficiency you need.

Comanche exhaust manifolds take on a lot of heat and stress, in addition to channeling corrosive gases to the catalytic converter, where they can be broken down harmlessly. Over time, this often leads to warping and cracking, but a new manifold resets the timer on the system, ensuring your Comanche is not sidelined by the wear-and-tear that comes with working well over the long haul. With Free Shipping , it's easy to get the parts you need ' where and when you need them ' so you can get things up and running again quickly.