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1-11 of 11 Results


      Mitsubishi Endeavor Exhaust Manifold

      With plenty of torque and off-roading capabilities, your Endeavor takes you wherever you want to go. A leaky Mitsubishi Endeavor exhaust manifold saps the power of the engine as the fumes from the cylinder head leak under your SUV. This repair needs to be done immediately to prevent other problems from developing.

      The heat from a cracked exhaust manifold for Mitsubishi Endeavor melts the nearby engine components if the part is not replaced in a timely manner. A blown head gasket is also a serious side effect of a leak. Exhaust odors in the cabin are a symptom, and they also lead to headaches for you and your passengers. AutoZone carries Endeavor exhaust manifolds and the equipment you need to do the repair, and we provide the right products at the right prices for maximum savings.