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    1-24 of 3845 Results

    About Muffler

    Keep your vehicle's exhaust system running quietly with a new muffler from AutoZone. We carry the best brands, so you can get reliable parts like a BRExhaust, Flowmaster, or MagnaFlow. With a variety of choices from each brand, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

    AutoZone carries a wide selection of aluminized and stainless steel mufflers designed to keep your car as quiet or as loud as you like it. We even have better-than-OE performance mufflers for enthusiasts. If you're in the market for a new muffler, we have what you need.

    You may wonder if a muffler is necessary. If so, consider the exploding gas that propels your vehicle forward. Now think about how heavy your car is. That exploding gas generates a lot of force! The thing about powerful gasoline or diesel fuel explosions is: they are not very quiet. And that's where your muffler comes in.

    The last part of your exhaust system that gases pass through before being expelled, the muffler is crucial to ensuring a pleasant sounding vehicle, and a properly functioning one. Whether you want to reduce noise or you're just looking to fix a busted part, we have what you need.

    You have options when you're shopping for mufflers, which come in varieties including chambered, turbo, and straight-through glasspacks.

    Chambered mufflers are tuned to reduce noise and give off a nice growl. Sound waves bounce around, reflecting against the walls of inner chambers. When the sound waves collide, they cancel out. The number and size of the chambers creates the noise-reduction and tone of the exhaust.

    Turbo mufflers contain perforated tubes that make an S-shape to allow exhaust gasses to travel through more tubing. As exhaust escapes through the perforations, the sound waves bounce around the interior and cancel one another out.

    A glasspack muffler features a straight-through design featuring a single perforated tube wrapped in sound-absorbing fiberglass or steel wool packing, all enclosed in a steel or aluminum shell. The simple design maximizes horsepower and outputs a deep growl. Glasspacks range from very loud to even louder. They aren't subtle, but they do get the most out of your ride.

    Finding the right car parts is easy on Just enter your vehicle's year, make, model, and engine above, and we'll get show you the parts that are built to perfectly fit your ride. If you need a Honda Civic muffler, just enter your Civic's information and we'll find the part. the same goes for any other major make and model.

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