Bosch Exact Fit Oxygen Sensor 13860
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Bosch Exact Fit Oxygen Sensor 13860

Bosch Exact Fit
Notes: Actual OE Part. Narrowband. Exact fit



Part #13860

1.- Upstream sensor (located before catalytic converter)

NotesActual OE Part, Narrowband. Exact fit
Wire Quantity4
Oxygen Sensor TypeNarrow-Band
Connector GenderFemale
Mounting TypeThreaded
Wiring Harness Overall Length (in)22


BOSCH ceramic technology affords best-in-class performance. The ceramic element is the most critical part of any oxygen sensor. As the inventor of the automotive oxygen sensor, BOSCH leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of oxygen sensor ceramics. BOSCH patented materials and processes are your assurance of unparalleled oxygen sensor quality and performance.

  • checkmarkCoarse particle filter protects against exhaust gas and other chemical contamination, increasing sensor performance life.
  • checkmarkPatented platinum power grid is made with more platinum than all other competitors' sensors for optimized sensing, delivering best-in-class performance and maximum service life.
  • checkmarkFine particle filter prevents contamination of the electrode for longer service life and a consistently precise voltage signal to the engine computer.
  • checkmarkThe base ceramic probe combines oxides of zirconium, yttrium and other elements to form a tough base that resists cracking from mechanical and thermal shock