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      Engine Hoist

      Working on your car or truck is an intimate and rewarding experience, whether you’re customizing components for maximum performance or just giving an engine some tender loving care. The best engine hoists for cars and trucks keep your vehicle’s heart and soul stable as you work, offering clear access to its systems.

      Engine hoists, also called cherry pickers and shop cranes, feature a hydraulic jack that is mounted on a durable steel frame. Their purpose is to lift or support vehicle engines so you can work on the motor or other automotive systems that are normally inaccessible — such as the drive shaft or front axel. Pumping the jack’s lever raises the boom that you connect to the engine, lifting it to the desired height or just holding it in place. The entire hoist is mounted on wheels, so once the motor has been lifted out of your vehicle, you can move it to a different part of the shop for easier maintenance or repairs.

      All automotive engines are heavy, even for seemingly small cars. Car motors can easily weigh 350 pounds or more, and pickup truck engines often approach 1–2 tons. The only way to lift them safely is with a heavy-duty hoist designed specifically for this purpose. Never attempt DIY projects using improvised materials such as wood beams or logs. Not only does a professional shop crane help you finish tasks more quickly, it also keeps you safe while you work and gives you better results. Being able to reach every part of the engine freely means jobs get done right the first time.

      Thanks to our extensive network of U.S. locations, searching for “engine hoists near me” turns up models to fit a variety of vehicles and maintenance tasks. Foldable hydraulic engine hoists are popular because they can fit practically anywhere, yet still provide the durability and weight capacity needed for large engines. Some engine cranes are rated for 1,000–2,000 pounds, and others can handle 2 tons without breaking a sweat.

      When deciding between a traditional and folding hydraulic crane, it’s important to consider how often you handle engine repairs, how much shop space you have available and how much you want to spend. To determine the correct hoist capacity, check your vehicle’s user manual for engine weight specs and think of your plans. If you’re into trucks, it may pay to opt for a higher capacity crane that anticipates future projects.

      When it comes to DIY engine repairs and replacements, there’s one golden rule every professional follows: never borrow someone else’s engine hoist. Your vehicle’s engine is far too valuable to risk damage from an old hoist that was poorly maintained or never that great to begin with. Having your own crane means you know exactly what it’s capable of, and your car and safety are well taken care of. Find the lowest prices on engine hoists that are trusted by the pros by shopping our online selection or stopping by an AutoZone store near you.