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1-24 of 47 Results

1-24 of 47 Results


      Car Jacks

      Get under your car the easy way with a high quality car jack from AutoZone. Our hydraulic jack lifts allow you to elevate your vehicle quickly, so you can get to down to work.

      We carry dependable brands like Duralast, Pro-Lift, and Reese Towpower. Shop at AutoZone.com for free shipping with next day delivery, or come by your local AutoZone auto parts store and pick up the equipment you need today.

      There are few tools you’ll get more use out of than a heavy duty jack lift. When it’s time to get under your vehicle, it’s time to invest in a reliable car jack. AutoZone has the best scissor jacks, bottle jacks, hydraulic jacks, and even more specialized equipment for lifting transmissions. No matter what you need to lift your vehicle we’ve got it.

      Scissor Jack

      Car jacks come in a few different varieties. Many cars come with a scissor jack. This type is completely mechanical, and the car is lifted by turning a bolt with a crank handle, which makes the jack expand under your vehicle. Due to the mechanical work involved, lifting a vehicle this way can be time consuming or difficult, but the simplicity of a mechanical lift means there is rarely maintenance required.

      Hydraulic Jack

      It’s way faster and easier to lift a car with a hydraulic floor jack. Hydraulic lifts features two cylinders which are connected. Pressure builds in both as you push down on the smaller cylinder, causing the larger cylinder (which now has the same amount of pressure in a larger area) to generate more force.

      Bottle Jacks

      Bottle jacks feature a wide rugged base to keep cars lifted and in place. They sit flat on the ground, which is better for lifting heavy loads exceeding 4 tons. A trolley jack has wheels, and can be rolled under a car. These generally lift between 1-1/2 tons and 3 tons.

      Specialized Car Jacks

      There are also more specialized car jacks like axle jacks or a transmission jack. These allow you to lift car parts for easier maintenance.

      Here at AutoZone, we have the equipment you need to get your vehicle back on the road. Our lifts feature reliable aluminum and steel construction to hold up any automobile, so you can be confident in your vehicle’s lift. You can even get a floor jack combo with stands and creeper. If you need extra jack stands, we have those too.

      When you need to get under vehicles or heavy duty machinery, a simple low profile floor jack can do the heavy lifting. AutoZone has all varieties of lifts so you can get under your car with ease.