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    About Jack Stand

    Floor jacks are useful for lifting your vehicle to perform emergency repairs, but they’re not designed to handle sustained pressure. That’s what jack stands are for. This dynamic duo of is an essential part of any DIY automotive enthusiast’s garage. The best jack stands for cars and trucks keep you safe, provide easier access to underbody work surfaces, and keep vehicles in the needed position for hours or even days.

    Don’t get us wrong, floor jacks are amazing. However, their versatility and ease of use can lead to a common misconception: some people think that jack stands are a waste of time. Actually, these support devices are vital for tackling DIY projects in a safe working environment. Floor jacks simply aren’t built to endure heavy loads for extended periods of time. They’re based on hydraulics, which can slowly-but-surely drop due when under constant pressure. Jack stands, on the other hand, utilize mechanical resistance that’s ideal for holding your vehicle as long as needed.

    To find the jack stands that are right for your setup, there are several factors you should consider: weight capacity, extended height, closed height and construction. Weight rating is important because it tells you how large a vehicle the stand can safely support. A general rule of thumb is that each stand should be able to handle three-quarters of a car’s total weight. If your SUV weighs 2 tons (4,000 pounds), then you would need a jack stand rated for 1.5 tons, or 3,000 pounds.

    Stands vary in height as well. The first step when selecting a good fit for your garage is to check the stand’s minimum height rating. Make sure it slides smoothly underneath a car’s ground clearance level. Next, check the extended height to guarantee you have enough room to take care of your normal automobile maintenance tasks. If you’re in the middle of an urgent project, typing “jack stands near me” into our online parts search box can give you a list of stands that you can pick up directly from a nearby AutoZone store.

    When positioning jack stands, always use reinforced lift points designated in the car or truck’s owner’s manual. Identifying these jacking points may take a few minutes of searching through the manual or online, but proper placement keeps you safe. Jack stands should be used whenever you’re lifting part of your automobile off the ground. To stay stable, any car or truck needs four points of contact with the ground at all times. So if you raise one tire, support the car with a single jack stand for balance. If lifting two tires, you need two stands.

    A garage equipped with floor jacks and jack stands isn’t a sign of weakness. It means you’re tackling DIY automotive jobs the smart way. Avoid accidents and finish projects faster by investing in high-quality equipment. At AutoZone, we help by offering you the lowest prices on jack stands and other awesome tools.