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Pedal Commander Electronic Throttle Controller PC36MRB35R1

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Pedal Commander1248016
Part # PC36MRB35R1
SKU # 1248016
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Say goodbye to throttle lag, and hello to instant acceleration! Pedal Commander will revolutionize the way you accelerate! It is a groundbreaking Mercedes-Benz R350 performance part that'll safely remove the throttle lag and let your vehicle's true performance shine! Pedal Commander does NOT increase horsepower or torque. It only helps you customize the throttle response, helping you get on the Mercedes-Benz R350's true power quicker. Pedal Commander tuning part does not interfere with or make changes to the ECU. That's why it is untraceable. Your vehicle's warranty stays intact when you enhance your Mercedes-Benz R350 with Pedal Commander. Pedal Commander compatible and works perfectly with these/this Mercedes-Benz R350's submodels: 4Matic, Base, Bluetec 4Matic
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    Pedal Commander eliminates the delay from your electronic accelerator pedal, resulting in much faster acceleration.
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    Pedal Commander comes with 36 sensitivity settings, so you can fine-tune the throttle response to your personal preference.
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    Pedal Commander comes with a 2-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.
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    Pedal Commander does not void any warranty or leave traces on your ECU.
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    Pedal Commander is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can control the unit from your phone using the Pedal Commander App.
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    Pedal Commander has an easy installation that only takes 15 minutes.
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    Pedal Commander offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy.
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    You can save up to 20 percent fuel by using the ECO Mode.