Engine Control Computer

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    1-24 of 5547 Results

    About Engine Control Computer

    The engine control module (ECM), or engine control unit (ECU), manages your vehicle’s air fuel mixture and emission control systems based off input from the sensor’s in the engine bay. Get a new engine control computer with free next day delivery or pick up your purchase today in an AutoZone near you.

    The computer governs crucial functions like air fuel mixture, electronic valve control, idle speed, and variable valve timing. It manages these systems by reading values from engine bay sensors, interpreting this data using lookup tables, and adjusting internal combustion engine actuators accordingly.

    Engine control modules, or units, replace a series of mechanical and pneumatic settings, meaning they can make more efficient adjustments based on real data from the engine bay sensors. The module is crucial to engine performance, and a malfunctioning part can lead to decreased fuel economy and a host of other issues.

    Engine computer issues can be an ordeal to troubleshoot. In addition to its influence in far reaching functions, the computer relies on sensors to behave properly. The part also has a lot of different names; an engine computer that is integrated with the transmission control unit (TCU) is called a powertrain control module (PCM). All this can make it hard to diagnose when something has gone wrong. If you think the computer may be broken, see if you can determine the cause. Typically, ECU/ECM/PCM failure is caused by voltage overload from a short circuit or environmental damage from corrosion, hot components, or vibration. Water is particularly dangerous for engine computers.

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