Jeep Liberty Engine Control Computer

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    1-13 of 13 Results

    About Jeep Liberty Engine Control Computer

    Your Liberty earns its name by giving you the independence to drive on nearly any trail you want to. Reliability is crucial when you're out in the backcountry, so get a new Jeep Liberty engine control module to be confident that your engine is getting the correct information from your sensors.

    Versatile and hardy, your Liberty has all the utility you need in a compact SUV. Its brawn is only as good as its brain, however. This is why it's important to replace your Jeep Liberty engine control computer whenever you notice problems such as higher than normal fuel consumption, a persistent check engine light or rough automatic shifting. Have your engine checked and your battery charged for free at AutoZone, and speak with our trustworthy staff to find the right products at the right prices for your vehicle.