Toyota Corolla Engine Control Computer

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1-24 of 95 Results

    1-24 of 95 Results

    About Toyota Corolla Engine Control Computer

    With great mileage and a maneuverable body, your Corolla is an ideal commuter car. It takes care of you as long as you return the favor. Replace your Toyota Corolla engine control module to ensure that your engine is interpreting information from your car's sensors properly.

    Whether your drive to work is just around the corner or across the city, your Corolla gets you where you need to be. If you notice problems such as jerky automatic shifting, decreased fuel economy or a check engine light that doesn't go off, you probably need to replace your Corolla engine control computer. Visit a neighborhood AutoZone to talk with our trustworthy staff. They're happy to show you the right products at the right prices and tell you about our Loan-a-Tool Program.