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1-24 of 593 Results


      MAP Sensor

      Your engine’s performance depends on the right air fuel ratio. Without working sensors, your vehicle has no way to ensure the right ratio. The manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor) sends data about air in the engine’s manifold to help the engine control unit keep your vehicle at peak performance.

      What does a MAP sensor do? The MAP sensor’s function is to measure manifold pressure and send that data to the engine computer, which calculates air density and air mass flow rate to adjust fuel metering and ignition timing. This is one way that modern vehicles ensure the best air fuel ratio for the internal combustion engine’s performance.

      If the MAP sensor sounds kind of like the MAF sensor, that’s because they play a similar role. In fact, naturally aspirated engines typically have one sensor or the other. Both sensors provide similar data to the engine computer, but they measure it differently. MAF measures air flow, whereas the MAP sensor measures atmospheric pressure or barometric pressure. Both sensors then send this data to the engine computer which uses the data from either sensor to adjust fuel injection and timing. Forced induction engines generally have both, an MAF before the turbo and MAP sensor on the charge pipe before the throttle body.

      Bad MAP sensor symptoms are caused by the engine running either too lean or too rich due to an incorrect fuel air ratio. These symptoms include rough idling, low engine power, poor fuel economy, stalling, and hesitation or jerking during acceleration. Sensor failure will generally trigger a check engine light. If you take a code reader to the vehicle typical OBD-II codes you might see include P0105, P0106, P0107, P0108, and P0109.

      We carry MAP sensors for all major vehicles, and we make finding the right parts easy. If you’re looking for a Ford Fusion MAP Sensor, just enter your Fusion’s information in the fields above. No matter what you drive, you can give us you year, make, model, and engine, and we’ll find the right part.

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