Jeep Cherokee Mass Air Flow Sensor

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    1-1 of 1 Results

    About Jeep Cherokee Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Off-road capability and in-town civility meet in your Jeep Cherokee. There is more to your small, crossover SUV than meets the eye, so make sure to take care of the parts that are out of sight. A new mass air flow sensor for Jeep Cherokee from AutoZone keeps your engine performing well, both off the road and on it.

    The mass air flow (MAF) sensor measures the air that enters the engine so it knows how much fuel to add for the best performance. The wrong mix of fuel and air causes your engine to hesitate or jerk during acceleration and to drag while idling or under a load. A new Cherokee mass flow sensor from AutoZone improves fuel economy, increases power and provides a smoother idle. With Same Day Store Pickup for online orders and ship to home, AutoZone makes MAF replacement both convenient and affordable. You can rest assured that you're scoring the best deals around, since AutoZone provides the right products at the right prices.