Nissan/Datsun Maxima Mass Air Flow Sensor

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1-24 of 35 Results

    1-24 of 35 Results

    About Nissan/Datsun Maxima Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Sleek and efficient, your Nissan Maxima carries you through the day, bringing you to every place you need to be. Keep it working at peak efficiency by replacing faulty parts, like the Nissan Maxima MAF sensor, as they malfunction. A new MAF sensor from AutoZone increases engine horsepower and fuel efficiency, restoring your vehicle to its ideal engine performance.

    When your Maxima mass flow sensor malfunctions, your engine control unit receives an incomplete picture of the overall state of the car's performance and the available air supply, which means it can't optimize your fuel-to-air ratio as effectively. Ordering a new one from AutoZone gives you a choice between Same Day Store Pickup and ship to home. Or, take your pick from our in-store assortment and rely on trustworthy advice from our expert staff.