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Hitachi New Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF0119

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Hitachi Automotive324236
Part # MAF0119
SKU # 324236
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Estimated delivery May 22
Part #MAF0119
SKU #324236
ColorBlack, Silver
Critical to an engine’s performance, Hitachi’s genuine air flow sensors are designed to meet the exacting needs of manufacturers around the world. Advanced precision placed, highly accurate sensing elements are designed to provide quick and reliable readings to the ECM. Hitachi’s air flow sensors operate within the tight error tolerances OE manufacturers demand, resulting in engines that won’t run lean or rich due to incorrect information. Specially designed housings allow contaminants to exit the airstream prior to contacting the sensing elements, creating a cleaner environment for consistently accurate readings and longevity of the sensing elements. Newer sensors measure four different aspects including air mass, temperature, pressure and humidity. Designed to meet the exact needs of each specific vehicle, Hitachi air flow sensors are the premium choice.
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    Critical in meeting and exceeding strict emissions standards
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    Clear and stable signal
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    Simple installation
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    Accurate and consistent airflow measurement