Ford Focus Oxygen Sensor

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1-24 of 48 Results

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Ford Focus Oxygen Sensor

Your Ford Focus is one of the most emission conscious vehicles on the road. Ensuring the efficiency of your vehicle and the cleanest air possible means replacing the Ford Focus oxygen sensor at AutoZone as soon as it becomes necessary. A failing sensor leads to poor performance and high fuel costs.

Improving the performance of your vehicle is as easy as choosing one of our top-of-the-line Ford Focus oxygen sensors. Your new O2 sensor for Ford Focus from AutoZone ensures your travels are smooth and economical by analyzing the engine load and temperature, barometric pressure and driving altitude. It then transmits that data to the computer for a better air-to-fuel ratio. With Same Day Store Pickup to streamline the process, save time and money by shopping online with AutoZone.



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Good product


4 months ago

I think it's a good product and affordable. You don't always have to go OEM. This is one of those products that performs exactly like the OEM part

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2013 Ford Focus

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Exact fit as described


6 months ago

My son's car was giving a code that indicated that the catalytic converter was not operating efficiently so we tried the downstream O2 sensor first. The sensor comes with some antisieze on the threads and fit exactly as the old one including length of cable.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2016 Ford Focus

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Get the tool to remove it


9 months ago

Replaced it rite after i got the socket to remove it makes life so much easier car pass smog good to go thanks again

What kind of vehicle do you drive? Ford Focus