Kia Sedona Oxygen Sensor

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1-24 of 40 Results

    1-24 of 40 Results

    About Kia Sedona Oxygen Sensor

    Your Sedona minivan gets your whole family to their destination, with plenty of room for guests to ride along. When its fuel efficiency takes a hit, though, that can really throw off your plans and your budget. When a quick check of the emissions system confirms your need for a new Kia Sedona oxygen sensor, AutoZone has you covered.

    There are other sensors that can affect fuel economy, but Sedona oxygen sensors have a distinctive irregularity when they become faulty. This is because the computer system in the vehicle has to guess how to adjust the fuel mixture when it does not get input from the O2 sensor, which your Sedona's performance fluctuate instead of just declining. Shop online and utilize AutoZone's Same Day Store Pickup service or we'll ship to your front door.



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    The electrical is a little short.


    in 4 years

    Like the title said, the electrical was a little short. Had to re-route the wire to make it work and it was stretch all the way. If the wire was 6 inches longer, it would received 5 stars. Vehicle that the sensor went on was an 03 Kia sedona.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 03 Kia sedona

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    Fixed the check engine light!


    in a year

    It worked just perfect. Had a code for air fuel ratio sensor,replaced the old sensor with this new one, cleared the light. So far it's been over a 1000 miles, the light has stayed off.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2007 kia sedona lx.