Toyota Pickup Oxygen Sensor

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    1-24 of 40 Results

    About Toyota Pickup Oxygen Sensor

    Your trusty Toyota pickup delivers when you need it, whether that means delivering all your tools to the jobsite or hauling all your gear through the great outdoors. Make sure it continues to do so for years to come and that its engine is operating at peak capacity with a new Toyota Pickup oxygen sensor from AutoZone.

    A new o2 sensor for Toyota Pickup assesses conditions like air temperature, engine temperature and barometric pressure to determine how much oxygen your engine needs for premium operation. When your oxygen sensor starts to fail it becomes apparent in both your engine operation and your truck's fuel-efficiency, so kill two birds with one stone by exploring our line of Toyota Pickup oxygen sensors today. Order yours from AutoZone and gain access to our Loan-a-Tool Program and Trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff.



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    in 2 years

    My truck had been operating on a rough idle it seemed where the steering wheel shook small vibration also it was blowing through gasoline more than it should for four-cylinder so I bought the sensor so it was exact fit and Shernoff it made a big difference the truck idols like it should back in 1983.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1983 Toyota pickup 4wd