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Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

Taking a getaway trip in your vehicle can sound like a great idea, but ensure that your ride's in top-notch traveling condition by investing in a functioning throttle position sensor (TPS) from AutoZone. Your TPS supplies information to your vehicle's computer about the throttle position-specifically, its relative position to the throttle body-which guarantees a smooth-running ride since the proper amount of air is entering your engine. AutoZone has you covered when it's time to replace your defective TPS so your engine can perform at its maximum potential.

Your vehicle utilizes advanced technology to make your driving experience pleasurable and safe, but a faulty throttle position sensor can hamper your ride in many ways. Your Check Engine Light may appear if something's wrong with your TPS. When accelerating your ride, a defective TPS can cause both jolting and an abrupt burst of speed. A faulty TPS also doesn't know if the throttle is completely closed when your vehicle is idling. And, with a malfunctioning TPS, your engine can stall abruptly at any time, since your ride's on-board computer can't guide the engine to function optimally. With an affordable aftermarket TPS from AutoZone, your sensor can receive proper inputs, allowing your vehicle's computer to assist the engine to operate at its peak.

You can either shop at your local AutoZone or online for your customized throttle position sensor. AutoZone features a great selection of these sensors that are designed specifically for your make and model, so whether you want a Chevy Malibu throttle position sensor or a tp sensor for Toyota Corolla models, you're sure to find the perfect replacement when you choose AutoZone. For added convenience, capitalize on our Same Day Store Pickup policy when you order online.