Vehicle/Transmission Speed Sensor

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    1-24 of 748 Results

    About Vehicle/Transmission Speed Sensor

    Affordable Transmission Restoration

    Signs of trouble from any of your automobile's core components are always alarming, and few play a bigger part in your vehicle's performance than the transmission. When issues occur within this invaluable system, drivers typically notice distinct issues when attempting to shift gears. Other common red flags often include failing performance from your dashboard readouts, like your odometer and speedometer, or even an inability to engage your cruise control function. The good news is that these problems are often resolved through the replacement of something as simple as a small sensor. The better news is that the lowest prices on vehicle and transmission speed sensors are right here at AutoZone, the place to be for automotive do-it-yourselfers.

    Getting Back Up to Speed

    A good transmission speed sensor is essential to getting peak performance from your ride. While it is a physically smaller part, it plays a sizeable role in calculating torque and ensuring proper gear shifting. Failure of this component must be specifically identified, and typically begins with a driver becoming aware of a rougher feel when changing gears. An even more distinct warning sign is the inability to shift up into your car's higher gears entirely, particularly if this is coupled with nonperformance from any of your dashboard monitors.

    Even if driving remains mechanically possible under these kinds of conditions, it is certainly not recommended. In almost any case, it is unsafe, and more than likely against the road laws in your area. It probably goes without saying that it's not ideal for your automobile either, so snap into action when you know there's work to be done. Find the best vehicle and transmission speed sensors for cars and trucks, and save a bundle when you get the parts at your local AutoZone store today.

    The Sensible Option

    When car trouble rears its ugly head, you have a couple distinct choices in front of you: get to work or let things ride. Unfortunately, mechanical problems aren't the kind that tend to work themselves out, so do what makes the most sense. Fortunately, there's no need to sit wondering, “Where can I save money on vehicle and transmission speed sensors near me?” You're always on target for savings and satisfaction on all the quality parts you're looking for when you order from AutoZone.

    Find the goods you need to renew your transmission's performance today, and get it all with unbeatable convenience. Swing by your nearby store and enjoy helpful insight from our experienced team, or simply order online and select the option that's right for you. Make your next trip even quicker with our in-store pickup service so you can get cracking on the new installation ASAP, or reap the benefits of fast home delivery on a huge assortment of eligible items.