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1-24 of 216 Results

1-24 of 216 Results


      Exhaust Tip

      Change the Look of Your Vehicle With Exhaust Tips

      Exhaust tips are an attractive aftermarket upgrade for vehicle owners who take pride in their cars and trucks. They're also easy to install and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Because the main purpose of an exhaust system is to expel post-combustion air from the engine, vehicle manufacturers don't go out of their way to design appealing and stylish tips for tail pipes. You may, however, feel differently about this, and the look and styling of your vehicle is important to you. In that case, you're most likely considering a more attractive aftermarket upgrade for your exhaust system, and AutoZone is where to go to find the best exhaust tips for cars and trucks.

      Improvement of Exhaust Sound

      In addition to adding to your vehicle's appearance, aftermarket exhaust tips also improve the sound of your car or truck. The turndown exit style, for example, points downward and causes sound waves to bounce back from the road surface. This gives your car or truck a louder engine sound that many vehicle enthusiasts find appealing. Overall, installing the exhaust tip of your choice is relatively straightforward. Many of the aftermarket products are simply attached through screws. In most cases, common household hand tools will do the job. Some exhaust tips only require you to slide them inside your existing tail pipe. Exhaust tips are available in stainless steel and chrome-plated steel and there's a wide range of shapes to choose from, such as straight and angle cuts, single wall and dual walled, rolled edge and intercooled.

      Different Shapes Change Sounds

      It's great to be able to fine-tune the sound of your car or truck by the shape of the exhaust tip you install. If you want to make your engine sound hollower, install a larger tip. If it's sound projection you seek, one of the longer tips will do it for you. Regardless of how the tip you choose shapes the sound of your vehicle, the tone is more detailed after you complete the installation. Appearance counts too, of course, and that's where your personal sense of styling comes in. With all of the exhaust tip styles to choose from, you may be wondering “Where can I find a good variety of exhaust tips near me?” AutoZone is your answer. We stock hundreds of thousands of automotive replacement and aftermarket parts and we know our inventory. Tell us your vehicle's make, model and year and we'll direct you to your best-fit options.

      Knowledgeable Staff at AutoZone

      Whether it's upgraded styling or a deeper and throatier roar you're after, AutoZone has what you need to improve the looks and sound of your ride. The in-store experience at our stores demonstrates how our staff's knowledgeable approach to your DIY task makes us the right choice for vehicle upgrades and replacement parts. Online or in-store, it's hard to beat our product assortment and you also get the lowest prices on exhaust tips.