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Whether its music, sports or breaking news, there's no doubt the radio in your vehicle plays an important role during each drive. When you start noticing dropped signal or no signal at all, it's time to replace your auto antenna with one of the many models that AutoZone has researched and selected for you.

Riding in complete silence can be a drag, especially if it's due to a faulty auto antenna or antenna cable. AutoZone has the tools you need to get in tune with your radio once more, including a variety of different antenna types. Retractable and whip antennas are custom-fit to your specific vehicle and mount externally to your ride. Internal antennas are protected from the elements as they attach to your dash or trunk.

While some signs of a broken antenna are more noticeable, like breaking off, some aren't as obvious. It's important to check the connecting wires and masts-one crossed wire or broken mast can mean a lost signal and frustration when constantly replacing the antenna itself.

AutoZone is prepared to help you regain the frequencies you rely on for hours of driving entertainment. From a Jeep Wrangler antenna to an antenna for Tahoe, we're stocked with vehicle-specific and universal antennas and cables to get you back to rocking and rolling on the open road. Get free shipping with next day delivery or pick up your parts today at an AutoZone near you.