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Alpena Blue LED Gloz Light

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You can now enjoy the highest quality LED lights on the market today with Alpena LED gloz lights. Made from the best material available, LED gloz are proven to be the most efficient, brightest, purest light on the spectrophotometer scale. At Alpena, we take pride in manufacturing LED lights from scratch using our own factory with state of the art equipment managed by the industry’s leading technicians. Most other LED companies buy cheap, low grade lights made from a mass-produced manufacturing plant. Alpena’s factory is one of the highest rated LED factories in the world. After rigorous testing and grading, the best LEDs are chosen from a scale of 1 - 132. Only the finest material is used from beginning to end when making these LED lights. Since we know everything that goes into our LED lights are first-rate materials, we proudly display the technical information on each package. Made with high quality machinery using premium-grade materials, Alpena LEDs are durable, bright and the top choice for consumers looking for first-class products. With Alpena, you get superior products for your money. LED gloz are water resistant for mounting just about anywhere. You can mount them in the interior or on the exterior of your vehicle for a custom, but professional look. Mount them under your vehicle or in the bumper for a stylish glow. LED gloz can be attached to your car’s running lights to come on when you turn on your lights.
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    Heavy duty casing for LEDs
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    Wires into 12 Volt source
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    Self-adhesive 3M foam tape
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    Water resistant