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ECCO Red SAE Class l Surface Mount Strobe Compact LED Light

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Part # 3510R
SKU # 126830
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Part #3510R
SKU #126830
The 3510 surface mount LED warning light is designed to offer maximum performance with minimum size. This slimline LED measures only 3.3" x 1.1" and only 0.4" deep, comprised of 24 1-watt high-intensity LEDs in an ultra-compact housing. Its small footprint allows for mounting in almost any location on a vehicle body. It is synchronizable with additional units and any Hide-A-LED model. The 3510 includes 16 flash patterns and is available in amber, blue, clear, green and red (colorless when not illuminated).
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    Red LEDs
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    Certified SAE Class 1
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    12-24 VDC
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    16 Flash Patterns
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    5 Year Warranty
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    Sync-capable with additional 3510s
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    In-Line waterproof driver module allows for premium functionality and compact size