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1-24 of 2250 Results

1-24 of 2250 Results


      Belt Tensioner

      Keep Your Vehicle's Belts Tense and Your Shopping Relaxed

      Don't mess around with a faulty belt tensioner! Get back in gear fast with help from your friendly neighborhood AutoZone. We carry a huge inventory of the best belt tensioners for cars and trucks, made for every essential system in your vehicle. Even better, they're also priced just right for your wallet.

      Don't Let Critical Systems Fail

      A failing belt tensioner can cause a lot of problems in your vehicle. The squeaking, squealing and grinding noises can certainly get on your nerves, but the potential problems caused by a bad tensioner are far more than just casual annoyances. If your instincts or curiosity made you pop open the hood and take a look at the belt, you probably noticed unusual or accelerated wear patterns. Frayed edges are the most recognizable sign, but that's before the belt breaks completely. And what happens then? The system or component relying on that belt fails. It could be your water pump, air conditioning, alternator or something else. That spells danger. An overheating engine or non-functional electrical system leaves your vehicle dead in the water. As for a broken AC system, try driving your car or truck in 100-degree heat. Not fun, right? Not to mention dangerous, especially when you consider that cabin temperatures can reach a scorching 30 to 40 degrees higher in just one hour parked in the sun.

      Quality and Value

      You're likely here at AutoZone because you typed “belt tensioners near me” into your web search engine. You know quality and value when you see it, and AutoZone is the perfect place to find both. Take a look at our selection of belt tensioners sourced from top aftermarket brands such as ACDelco, Dorman, Duralast, Continental and URO. Our inventory includes tensioners and belt component kits containing serpentine belts along with the idler pulleys or tensioners you need to make a full replacement and get back on the road. Short on time? We can help you get right to the tensioner or kit you need within just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply select the make, model, year and engine type of your vehicle and you instantly see every product that fits.

      Everything You Need for All Your Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance

      We not only make shopping for your gear incredibly easy, but we also have the lowest prices on belt tensioners. Enjoy everyday great deals on everything else you need: spark plugs, ignition coils, oil filters, batteries, hoses, wiper blades and much more. Our inventory includes the best OEM and aftermarket components along with accessories, tools, chemicals and performance products. Unsure of what you need? Our friendly AutoZoners can help get you right to the correct parts and make great recommendations for gear that helps you meet your maintenance and performance goals. Everything you need is within easy reach at your local AutoZone, on our website or our mobile app.