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Pertronix HEI III Chevy Small Block and Big Block Black Cap Polished Distributor

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Part # D71050
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Flame Thrower Street/Strip distributors have a speciallFlame-Thrower Street/Strip distributors have a specially designed HEI distributor module and coil combination which operates without misfire beyond 7500 RPM. That's nearly 3000 RPM higher than most stock HEI Distributors. Race HEI Distributors feature an electronic HEI Distributor module and 50,000 volt coil combination that optimizes spark energy and peak current to the spark plug in the 6000 to 8500 RPM range.y designed module and coil combination which operates without misfire beyond 7500 RPM
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    HEI III module integrates multi-spark discharge thru red line plus an adjustable digital rev limiter with advanced micro processor dwell control keeping the module and coil cooler with dwell current at 7.2 amps
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    New lightweight aluminum alloy housing with aligned and honed high quality bronze sintered bushings for reduced friction and extended life.
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    Centerless ground corrosion resistant shaft reduces friction and provides concentric operation.
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    Distributor gear is ground to exact tolerances for tighter mesh with camshaft. (Bronze distributor gear available)
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    High dielectric strength cap with brass terminals and low resistance center coil brush.