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1-24 of 2947 Results


      Engine Cylinder Head

      Driving your vehicle with a properly functioning cylinder head is critical. A warped or worn head can lead to decreased power, poor fuel economy, overheating and potential engine failure. Breathe new life into your engine and freshen up your valve train with a reliable cylinder head from AutoZone.

      Inspecting your engine cylinder head on a regular basis protects you from engine failure and costly repairs. It's important to know the symptoms of a failing cylinder head, so you can replace it with a durable component.

      Excessive amounts of white smoke emanating from your tailpipe is a tell-tale sign of a defective cylinder head and can result from leaking valve stem seals. Fizzy antifreeze in the radiator is another sign of a malfunctioning cylinder head. Built-up pressure in the cooling system—which permits your coolant to blow out and your engine to overheat—is a clear indicator of a faulty cylinder head. It's also time to swap out your cylinder head if you notice that the coolant in your crankcase is causing your oil to turn milky. Prevent your engine from dying with an upgraded cylinder head from AutoZone.

      AutoZone provides top-quality replacement engine cylinder heads for a variety of vehicles, including an engine cylinder head for Ford Taurus or Malibu cylinder heads, so you're sure to find the perfect cylinder head for your specific make and model. Stop by your local AutoZone and ask our staff how you can benefit from a new cylinder head or order online.